Snorting chilli powder for blocked sinuses/sinusitis.


A dear friend, lets call him Bill, had been suffering from chronic sinusitis flare ups for a few years. It had got worse over the years after receiving crushing blows to the face and head during martial arts training and fighting. Bill was in his late 30’s at the time and was otherwise healthy, fit and with a lust for life.

Each winter he would get the tell tales signs of sinusitis coming on, in his case this meant runny eyes and a hard to bare pressure headache all around his upper face and forehead.

Visiting his house one evening, I suggested he try snorting a small amount of chilli powder as I had heard that this could offer great relief. As you can imagine, he was reluctant at first and questioned if it was safe and whether it would work. I assured him that I had seen it done and that no-one had been injured in any way  (on one of my herbal training weeks we had all tried a pinch of special “snuff’ containing tiny amounts of chilli powder, mustard powder and other similar explosive type plant materials), except for a few surprised faces and coughs and gasps.

He went off into his kitchen and got on with the business. A few minutes later I heard shouting and the kind of noises that humans make when they are in great distress. As I entered the kitchen, Bill was on all fours punching the hard kitchen floor and shouting profanities. He looked up at me with eyes and nose streaming, face reddened with veins bulging all over his face and a look to me that enquired “why would you do this to me?”.

After reassuring and comforting him I asked how much chilli he had snorted and he informed me that it was a fair sized ‘line’ of chilli about 6 cms long up each nostril, using a straw. The suggested efficacious dose is about a pinch up each nostril. An idea of how big a pinch is, look at your little finger nail and divide that in half. One half is about enough for a pinch.

His distress lasted for another 10 minutes or so, gradually fading, as if he had just gone several rounds with Mike Tyson and was now allowed to rest and recuperate. He said he felt much better.

The next morning his streaming eyes and pressure headache had gone and he has not had an incident of sinusitis since (this was about 15 years ago).  He only needed this treatment once but then it was a heroic dose.

I also learnt a valuable lesson….to be very specific on dosage and instructions and to give my personal friends as much care and attention as I would a paying client!

Read so much more about the incredible healing powers of the humble chilli at our main information site and buy organic chilli powder or tincture in our online shop.

One thought on “Snorting chilli powder for blocked sinuses/sinusitis.

  1. I must add that when Bill read this post his exact words were ….. “Ha! Made me laugh but it sure as shit wasn’t 10 munutes – more like 45 to an hour” and was very keen for you all to know that “the pain was of an unbelievable intensity”.


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