Fenugreek seeds – worth their weight in gold.

Fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum) seed is often called ‘miraculous’ by those that understand its many and varied medicinal virtues. Apparently, even the prophet Mohammed once said ” If my people knew what there is in fenugreek, they would have bought and paid its weight in gold”.

These are some of the main medicinal properties of these amazing little seeds. Very deep breath in ………… they lower blood sugar when it is high (not when its low); they lower cholesterol when its high (not when its low);  they protect the heart from scarring after a heart attack; they thin the blood and help prevent embolisms and clots; they help you shed excess weight yet also help you gain weight if you need to; they can lessen the appetite if its out of control yet stimulate it if it’s too low;  they increase the production of breast milk; they can enhance the size of breasts; they increase fertility in women and enhance libido in both sexes; they help ease hot flushes and a host of menopausal symptoms; they are great for digestive disorders and can be invaluable in treating respiratory conditions. That really is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to fenugreeks’ power.



Golden fenugreek seeds


Read a much fuller and more detailed description including cautions, dosage and preparation at http://www.thewildpharma.co.uk/plants/fenugreek


They are such generous little seeds having a positive impact on many systems and functions of the body when used properly. Right, I’m off to make myself a small batch of fenugreek seed capsules using some of our organic powdered seed. I have had a bit of sinusitis off and on over this winter and had forgotten that fenugreek seeds could help with this too, especially the low level chronic form that I tend to get.  I might just order a bigger bra too ; )





One thought on “Fenugreek seeds – worth their weight in gold.

  1. Sounds good – try some chicken methi. It’s an Indian dish that uses fenugreek seeds and the leaves. (The leaves are in the sauce, and as a garnish – like cilantro.) Double dose!


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