Gentian root – its bitterness promotes sweeter digestion

Yellow gentian (Gentiana lutea) aka gentian adorns the grassy slopes of Alpine and mountain meadows all across Europe. Its majestic golden flower spike towers above the grasses and marks the spot of the true gift of this plant, the highly prized medicinal root.

Like all plants with a bitter taste, it promotes the flow of digestive juices. Saliva, stomach acids, pancreatic juices, bile, small intestinal juices are all encouraged to flow when the intense taste of gentian hits the taste buds. More digestive juices means more efficient digestion, making gentian root a very useful remedy for any and all symptoms of faulty digestion.

Click on this link to my fuller description of what other medicinal tricks gentian has up its sleeves or to purchase organic dried gentian root or organic gentian root tincture from our shop.


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